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We understand the challenges in trusting online reviews, so we’ve added an extra layer of transparency. Our reviews, complete with pictures and customer feedback, are mapped out on our interactive project page. Explore our completed projects in your area and hear what your neighbors have to say about us.

Best Value

While we may not be the “cheapest” roofing company, Oregon Roof Guys takes pride in potentially offering the most cost-effective 30-year roof in Lane County.

Architectural shingles should last 30 years, but in Oregon, on average, roofs last 22. This is due to failure of accessories, improper installation, and lack of general maintenance.

Oregon Roof Guys is Lane County’s top-rated asphalt shingle roofing company, known for delivering exception value. Think of us as the Costco of roofing.

For us, delivering Best Value entails:

  1. Price: Offering consistent, competitive, and fair pricing.
  2. Product: Utilizing top-quality materials and roofing systems.
  3. Process: Implementing efficient and consistent processes to minimize issues.

Competitive Pricing:

Through leveraging volume and buying power, we secure the best products at the best prices. Buying in bulk and online allows us to offer highly competitive pricing, passing on the savings to our customers.

Consistent Fair Pricing:

The roofing industry often suffers from inconsistent pricing, leaving customers uncertain about who to trust. To address this, Oregon Roof Guys developed a unique bidding system that calculates labor hours with great accuracy for any roof types.

  1. No Greedy Salesman: Our roof estimates are not subject to arbitrary changes by salesmen aiming for higher commissions. Our bids are based on a set labor wage for the calculated hours required to complete a roof.
  2. No Guesswork: Our estimates aren’t educated guesses relying on a few variables like square footage. Instead, they are based on numerous roof variables and a proven process that accurately calculates the actual hours needed for any roof.

Choose Oregon Roof Guys for a roofing experience that not only prioritizes quality but also ensures transparency and fair dealing.

Trusted, Innovative, Accountable


I could not be more delighted and grateful with the finished product. Such a trustworthy and caring approach leaves a very good feeling. I will be appreciating the Oregon Roof Guys and bragging on them to friends and family.” – Sylvia of Eugene, Oregon


Do you have questions? Ask a roofing industry expert at Oregon Roof Guys. Our customers are looking for the best value and the information needed to make an informed decision. We have taken the time to break down the process in the same way that we would want it explained to us if we were on the receiving end.


How can we do that better? This is the question we ask ourselves every day. When others look at the same old problems and say, “That’s just the way we have always done it,” we get innovative and find solutions.



“I can’t say enough good things about them! From start to finish they were incredibly transparent and forthcoming on the whole process.” – Jeremiah of Springfield, Oregon


Accountability is a process. We intentionally create processes that hold us accountable to our values, our customers, and our team.

Why IKO Dynasty Shingles?


What sets IKO apart?

One of the primary motivations behind choosing IKO for our customers was their ongoing efforts to make the highest quality products using the best processes, IKO continues to build and retrofit its manufacturing plants. Over the past decade IKO has invested more into its manufacturing infrastructure than all of its competitors combined. Ultimately this has resulted in IKO being one of the best rated shingles available on the market .

Best Value

IKO has been family-owned for four generations and is historically known as a trusted economical shingle. IKO built on that trust and experience, investing more than any other manufacturer to upgrade multiple lines of shingles to provide both economical and highly reliable shingles.

IKO is the most vertically integrated in the roofing industry. All its products are manufactured by IKO itself which ensures an unprecedented level of quality and consistency.

Another benefit of vertical integration is the level of efficiency gained. IKO’s ability to streamline the supply chain paves the way for IKO to cost-effectively manufacture an asphalt-rich, heavy-weight shingle product.

All these improvements to the shingle manufacturing process have, over time, resulted in greatly increased speed and efficiency as well as better products at more affordable costs. It’s a big win/win for homeowners.


15-Year Iron Clad Warranty on all Cambridge and Dynesty shingles. 5 Year Extension

Enhanced Color

IKO offers an array of eye-catching, high-definition color blends to complement any style of home. Deep shadow bands provide breathtaking contrast, while highlights punctuate the pattern.

Built-in Algae Resistance

Embed copper-coated granules into IKO Dynasty shingles help inhibit the growth of blue-green algae that can cause unattractive black stains, streaks and discoloration.


Exceptional Bonding

IKO FastLock® sealant strips along their bottom edge. Help prevent wind-driven rain from getting underneath the shingles. When activated by the sun’s heat, the strips get extra-tacky and create a strong bond to help ensure maximum protection against wind uplift, blow-off and water penetration.


On the back of IKO Dynasty performance shingles, you’ll see a tear-resistant reinforced tape that’s designed to help prevent nail pull-through and shingle blow-off. On the front, there’s a 1 ¼-inch-wide nailing surface that guides roofers to place their nails accurately for improved fastening strength and speedier installation.

Core Strength

The shingle mat is coated top and bottom with weathering asphalt, then surfaced with protective, colored granules. It’s heavy-duty for exceptional durability and structural integrity.

Roofing Warranties: What You Need To Know

Oregon Roof Guys Manages Your Warranty

Your manufacturer warranty is only as good as the service company that installed it. Oregon Roof Guys will register your manufacturer warranty for you. If you ever sell, we will transfer the warranty to the new owner, and if there is ever the need for a claim, we will leverage our relationship with IKO and the supplier to manage the claim on your behalf.

Every year, we are contacted by numerous customers who purchased a roof with a warranty yet find themselves needing their roof replaced prematurely. Here is what you need to know:

Average Life Of Architectural Shingles Is 30 Years

Architectural asphalt shingles are manufactured to last about 30 years on average. While shingles are not being manufactured to last longer than an average of 30 years, warranties are. You can imagine the frustration a customer may have who paid a premium price for a 50-year warranty and find their roof needs to be replaced at year 24.

Voided Warranties

When roofing contractors install a roof improperly, it will void the manufacturer’s warranty. Contractors may be tempted not to present the proper solutions for a new roof in order to provide the cheapest bid. One example of this would be contractors putting new roofs over a roof deck that is not solid, i.e., not replacing delaminated or rotting plywood, or sheeting over old shiplap that has evident gaps and cracking.


When a claim is presented, manufacturers will inspect the roof to ensure that the roof was installed correctly. It takes over 6,000 nails to properly secure a roof. Nails out of place can lead to leaks or void the warranty. That’s why IKO patented a larger nailing area, called The ArmourZone®.

Service & Workmanship Warranty

Three things to consider when regarding the workmanship warranty on your new roof

  1. The greater majority of issues that arise from the installation of a new roof will fall under the workmanship warranty, NOT the manufacturer’s warranty.
  2. As an industry, roofing contractors are continually rated as one of the most complained about industries by the Better Business Bureau.
  3. A trusted roofing contractor who can maintain a consistently positive reputation has far greater value than the cheapest bid

We invite you to compare reviews of different roofing contractors in your area. You’ll find the OR Roof Guys comes out on top every time! Most of the issues that are going to arise after the installation of a new roof happens in the first 3 months to the first 3 years. Based on our experience, as high as 99.99% of issues that arise will fall under the workmanship warranty. The likelihood of having a service or workmanship issue when working with a roofing contractor is much higher than having a manufacturing issue. For this reason, customers should be comparing service companies with even greater scrutiny than they use to compare bids.

Every year, we speak to hundreds of customers and have firsthand familiarity with the roofing nightmares that arise from choosing the wrong roofing contractor. Learn about what to look for by watching, 8 Roofing Nightmares: How Not to Hire a Roofer.

Dry Rot Replacement

It is impossible to determine the full accurate scope of dry rot damage on a roof prior to having the shingles removed. For this reason, dry rot and plywood replacement are always additional costs of time and materials above the roof bid estimate.

Labor rates for dry rot and plywood replacement are addressed in the estimate. Material rates are at cost (no markup).

At Oregon Roof Guys, we perform a complete roof inspection, assessing the condition of the roof deck (plywood), noting any soft spots and inspecting the attic, eaves, fascia, and gutters for damage or possible dry rot or other additional costs. This part of the assessment does not affect the final price of the bid, but it is done as a service to help the customers prepare for the most likely outcome or worst-case scenario.

Once the project has begun, all dry rot repair and plywood placement takes place in real-time. It is vitally important that you choose a roofing contractor that you can trust to make the right choice about dry rot repair, a choice that is conservative yet ensures that the roof deck itself will last for the life of the shingles.

Some roofing companies may be tempted to get the roof done in a day and pass over dry rot repair, while others may be tempted to do work that is unnecessary.

Our team takes pictures of the roof at each stage of the process. For transparency, our team will take pictures of dry rot damage, and those pictures will be provided in the final invoice with line item costs for any additions.



There are several areas on your roof that experience has proven are more prone to leaks and water damage. We put our experience to work for you to provide solutions and best practices to prolong the life and integrity of your roof. Below is the list of the most common issues and our practice and recommendations.

Masonry Chimney

One of the places leaks are common is around masonry chimneys. Flashing around your chimney is composed of roof flashing that goes under the shingles and up the masonry, and counter flashing that goes into the masonry of the chimney and then down over the roof flashing.

Every roofing contractor is going to replace the roof flashing and some will replace the counter flashing. Most roofers will install a water diverting flashing that extends out both sides of the chimney on the high side in order to direct water away from the chimney. This has proven to be a potential leak point.


Water follows the inside of that flat flashing and penetrates the chimney, creating water damage in the attic.

Oregon Roof Guys replaces all the flashing on your chimney, and we go one step further and install a custom welded pan flashing, which we install on the high side of the chimney to provide a watertight seal.

Skylight Replacement

We recommend replacing all your skylights at the time of the installation of your new roof. Though it would be cheaper to keep the skylight and simply replace the flashing, this would not be the best option.

The tear-off phase of a new roof installation is certainly going to disturb your skylights. Thousands of pounds of roofing material will be removed off your roof, and we will reinstall new materials with pneumatic guns. With all this comes shaking and vibrations, which are unavoidable. During this process, your old skylights are going to vibrate/shake as well. There are several seal points that can be disturbed enough during the process of replacing your roof to let moisture in.


You can opt to reuse your old skylights and have them reflashed; however, the skylight itself cannot be guaranteed in such circumstances. In addition, it costs less to have a skylight installed during a roof replacement because it’s easier to put it in while the decking is bare. If this isn’t done and leaking occurs a year later, your roofing system will need to be disturbed to repair or install new skylights.

OSB Or Plywood Over Shiplap

Today, a shiplap roof is usually 60+ years old. Over time, shiplap fir wood resin dissipates, causing the boards to shrink, crack, form knot holes, and become extremely brittle.


Open spaces form between the once tightly-fitted shiplap boards. If the roofing underlayment is applied directly on top of the shiplap, it will sag into the spaces and eventually leak.

Shiplap can only take so many nail penetrations before it splinters and develops pattern inconsistency. This, and the space left by diminished overall size over the years, creates more opportunities for new nails to miss the wood completely, causing eventual leaks.


One of the most common complaints about roofing contractors is regarding cleanliness. We believe preparation the key to cleanliness. Prior to ever project there are several steps Oregon Roof Guys takes to prepare for the care of your home. One of these steps is to place tarps 360 degrees around your home to catch debris. Plants close to the house are covered with breathable tarps. In addition to tarps, we will also run magnets to catch the average of 8000 nails that will be removed from your roof in the process of a reroof. Cleanup is performed at end of every day, and a final inspection is performed by the project manager once the job is complete.

Valley Metal

One of the most prominent places we find dry rot is in the valleys. For this reason, we choose to install valley metal in all the valleys. Shingles are intended to shed water as the water flows from the top of the shingle down; however, in a heavy rain, water can flow from the side and up under the shingles as they are directed from the opposite section of the roof and into the valley.

There is a slight material cost increase with valley metal; however, this is a minuscule cost in comparison to the price of the roof and the assurance of having the job done right.



The Bullet Boot

The standard pipe flashing included in your base bid price has a narrow flashing and a rubber fitting that is more prone to break down over time.


The Bullet Boot is a higher quality TPE flexible rubber, 100% UV protected, and won’t break down over the life of the shingles. It has a better one-piece flexible design that goes on the outside as well as the inside of the pipe. It comes with a 35-year warranty and has a rodent screen built in the top. This prevents rodents, birds, and other critters from entering the vent. Also, the screen prevents unwanted debris from entering the vent.

Learn More About Pipe Flashing


Ridge Venting

Benefits of installing ridge venting includes the following:

  • Less opportunities for leaks. Replacing box vents with ridge venting results in less penetration points for potential leaks.
  • Better airflow. Ridge venting is a better airflow system than box vents and provides a constant flow of air along the entire horizontal ridge of the roof. Air enters low at the soffit, and hot air leaves at the top of the ridge, creating an airflow system. Better airflow results in less moisture in the attic to prevent mildew and rot damage. It can also help keep the attic cooler, which can help with utility costs. We use a baffled-style ridge vent.
  • Learn More About Baffled-Style Ridge Vents

Hot-Dipped Ring Shank Nails


Hot-Dipped Galvanized Roofing Nails

are made with a steel base then coated in zinc chemicals. The steel is passed through molten zinc, with a temperature of 860°F. This coating, when exposed, forms a layer of zinc oxide and zinc carbonate. The zinc coating creates an ultra-rust-resistant nail that is the best nail for roof replacement and the best nail for any roof you want to be covered under warranty.

Electro Galvanized Smooth Shank Nails

are the most commonly used in the roofing industry for two reasons, they are readily available and the most inexpensive option. However, being the most readily available and low cost doesn’t make it the best value. Galvanized nails will eventually rust. The coating of zinc on them makes the rust-resistant, but over time that coating of zinc does wear off. and exposes raw steel which will eventually start to rust. As the nail rusts it retracts, creating both a leak point and potential for shingle blow off.


Shank: The shank refers to the body of the nail. The ring shank nails have grooved rings giving them more bite. Ring shank nails have greater ability to grip the sheeting of the roof, withstand weather changes and hold up to greater wind resistance, providing more resistance to the nail from pulling out.


Sun Tunnel Installation

During a new roof installation is the most cost-effective time to consider installing a new Velux sun tunnel. Just because a room has no windows doesn’t mean it can’t see the light of day.


Sun tunnels capture sunlight at a dome installed on the roof, which travels down a shaft into a diffuser, filling the space with natural light. They are perfect for bathrooms, closets, and hallways that otherwise wouldn’t have a place for traditional windows. Imagine walking into a normally dark room and not having to flip on a switch. Energy-efficient sun tunnels provide outstanding value and help lower the monthly electric bill.

Ask Us About Federal Tax Credits For Your Velux Solar Night Lights


The average roof project is completed in 2 ½ days.

We understand that having your roof done is a disruption, yet, when getting a new roof, fast shouldn’t be your # one priority. Choose a roofing contractor with a reputation you can trust to do the job right and manage the process efficiently.


There are benefits to a roofing contractor getting the roof done in a day, yet when considering best practices, we choose to stay within our core values. One of our core values is being accountable to the customer.

Each section of your roof is assigned to a specific employee and is documented. This allows us to better manage, train and hold our team and ourselves accountable, ensuring every section of your new roof project is done right. This kind of accountability is not always possible when attempting to get a roof done in a day. You never know for sure what you might run into, such as dry rot, once the shingles are removed. Unrealistic expectation of completing a roof in a day creates a huge temptation to not address issues properly.

Finally, the choice of taking an average of 2.5 days to complete a project is a matter of safety to our team. Roofing is among the most dangerous industries to work in. The environment that is created by attempting to get a roof project done in a day is an unsafe environment, where employees find themselves working on top of each other.


What About Rain?


Rain is an inevitable part of living in the Pacific Northwest. We roof year-round. If you’re concerned about replacing your roof during the rainy season, enjoy our video about why roofing in the wet, winter season, discover the benefits of roofing in the winter months.


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