Trees are important aspects of your property and also found in abundance here in the Pacific Northwest. Trees can be hazardous to your roof, however, if they are too close to your house. The Oregon Roof Guys have experienced a number of roofs damaged by trees throughout the years and can provide you with a few tips to prevent roof damage from trees.


Branches hanging over your home can be a hazard to your roof and it’s important to keep them trimmed to avoid any damage to your home.

Regardless of their weight, hanging branches can harm your roof in a few ways:

  • Branches can scrape against your roof shingles and wear down the protective layers of asphalt, causing leaks.
  • Damaged and diseased limbs can fall and damage your roof or gutter system.
  • Overhanging branches can give termites and other pests easier access to your roof and home.

It’s also important to consider a tree’s potential height and width before planting them too close to your home in order to avoid any future problems.


Moss and algae thrive in shaded, damp environments and if you have trees too close to your home it can encourage moss growth on your roof.

Moss damages your home by trapping and holding moisture against your roof which can eventually cause major leaks. Moss and algae also stain your roof, cause a slippery and dangerous surface, and moss roots can eventually uplift and separate roof shingles.

Some ways to prevent roof moss include trimming back trees that are casting excessive shade to help prevent future moss and algae growth that causes damage and unsightly black stains on your roof.


Fallen leaves and other debris from trees too close to your home can build up on your roof and hold in moisture just like moss and eventually lead to moss and algae growth and leaks. Over time, leaves can prevent water from properly draining off your roof and cause puddles on your roof. Leaves and debris also block gutters which leads to rotting wood, unwanted pests, and interior and foundation damage.


The worst damage a tree can do to your home is fall during a storm or when it’s been weakened by pests or disease. A tree falling on your home can cause catastrophic damage to your roof and your entire home.

It’s important to have the large trees near your house inspected by an arborist to make sure they are healthy and not prone to falling for any reason. If a tree near your home is at risk of falling it is critical to have it professionally removed as soon as possible.

If you’re in need of a roof repair, contact the Oregon Roof Guys!