This image shows our commitment to excellent installs. As you can see from the picture, we installed a new skylight, not the solar piece on the high side of the skylight. This skylight has a mini solar panel that powers the blinds in the skylight. This is run by a remote control. Secondly, notice there are no box vents popping up out of the roof. That is because we installed a ridge vent, which vents better and drastically reduces the chances of leaks. Also, note the copper stripping along the ridge; this is a product called “Copper Cat”–it has a beautiful look, plus it keeps the moss and algae off your roof, warrantied for 50 years. As the copper patinas, it actually gets stronger against moss and algae. Finally, note the rings at the peak. Those are there for future maintenance workers so they can clip in and safely work. They will clip in one way or another, you don’t want them to have to screw in temporary anchors through the top of your shingles every year.