Winter is upon us, and that means you’ve got things to do! Leaks, broken shingles, and more put your roof’s integrity at risk. Each season brings with it its own challenges and necessary maintenance that must be done, especially in a place like Eugene, Oregon. Whether you do it yourself or call someone like Oregon Roof Guys to do it, these items are imperative to ensure the safety of your home during cold weather.

Clean your gutters and downspouts

This is probably the most obvious one for good reason. You don’t want your drainage to be blocked by leaves and other debris, and you don’t want that debris to freeze in there during cold weather. If your gutters are full of this debris, there won’t be anywhere for the water and snowmelt to go, so it will pool up and overflow, which could lead to things like roof rot. This could cause you to have to repair a massive part of your roof come springtime. Damp leaves and twigs are also conducive to critters dwelling in your gutters, who can literally eat away at your roofing. Cleaning your gutters routinely is very important to the health of your roof.

Trim your trees

You may need to hire a professional for this, but no matter what it’s important to make sure tree limbs aren’t going to fall on your roof this winter. Old or damaged branches are at risk of falling and damaging your roof, your car, and your property in general. When those strong winds come, it’s imperative they don’t have something to knockdown. One broken limb could lead you to need an entire roof replacement, or worse. Get those trees trimmed back for your own safety.

Inspect your attic

While it may be creepy up there, inspecting your attic is another important step to take in winterizing your roof. The first thing to check for is the insulation and ventilation. Having good ventilation prevents ice dams from forming. Ice dams can uproot shingles, force off your gutters, and cause run-off water to back up and leak into your home. Another thing to watch out for is small animals. Squirrels can chew through solid wood and make a home in your attic, and when there’s one there’s at least a whole family. That hole they chew can cause other critters to make a home in your attic or cause leaks to form. Either way, checking your attic for these things before cold weather hits is an absolutely necessary step to take to winterize your house.

Winterizing your roof is an important step to take in ensuring your home is as safe as possible. Whether you get torrential downpours or heavy snowfall, your roof takes the brunt of Mother Nature’s winter weather patterns. If you don’t feel comfortable or safe taking these steps yourself, contact the pros at Oregon Roof Guys. We will get your roof in top shape before the worst of winter arrives.