We all know the saying: April showers bring May flowers. But what else does spring bring? You might be surprised to find out that spring brings a lot of opportunities for roof damage. This is because your roof just withstood cold temperatures and extreme weather patterns for multiple months. Whether it’s damage from the previous season or new problems brought by spring conditions, now is an excellent time to start looking into those and work with a roofing company to fix any issues or vulnerable areas. Oregon Roof Guys is the #1 roofing company in Lane County, and we are eager to help you with roof maintenance or replacement all year round. Here are a few issues you should look out for, and roof cleaning tips to keep them from popping up.


You might think moss on your roof looks rustic, but it can cause some serious issues. It can eventually damage the structure of your roof by uplifting shingles, holding moisture, staining your roof, forming a slippery and dangerous surface, and promoting the growth of bacteria and mold. Something to remember is that moss thrives in moisture. When winter and spring weather comes, it often brings rain and snow. One roof cleaning tip to avoid moss growing on your roof is by trimming trees and any overhanging branches casting excess shade to help prevent future moss and algae growth. For more information on removing and preventing moss growth, check out this blog we wrote about keeping your roof moss free.


After the cold months of winter, animals and insects come out of hibernation and look for new places to call home. Roofs and attics are perfect places to build nests. Any hole, even a tiny one, puts your house at risk of unwanted roommates. One way to prevent this is by trimming trees. Like we said in the point above, trimming trees is a constructive way to maintain your roof. Trimming trees deters pests from easily reaching your roof and making themselves at home. However, the most effective way of ensuring unwanted guests stay out is by calling a roofing professional. The team at Oregon Roof Guys will give you a free estimate on all your roof repairs and replacements. We will find even the smallest hole and offer the best solution for your specific need. Visit our website for more insight into our process and how we evaluate and service your roof.


This is a well-known spring-cleaning task, but it bears repeating. Cleaning your gutters prevents wood rot, pest invasions, interior damage, and more. For more examples of why cleaning your gutters is essential, take a look at this blog we wrote. To clean them out yourself, you’re going to need a ladder, some gloves, garbage bags, and a can-do attitude. It’s simple enough but grueling nonetheless. Despite how time-consuming it is, gutter and roof cleaning is essential to your roof’s health. It opens up a pathway for those spring showers to drain and discourages those pesky pests from above from making their homes in your roof.


Snow, rain, and hail are inevitable. But having moisture get trapped in your roof is avoidable. When leaves, needles, and other debris get wet, they soak into your roof, causing shingle deterioration, wood rot, and leaks. Getting all that debris removed from your roof and gutters helps a lot, but you should also get your roof inspected. Call Oregon Roof Guys to get a free estimate and complete inspection of your roof. A minor investment now could save you from costly repairs and a leaky roof in the future.


Roof shingles are your first line of defense in protecting your roof and your first sign of the damage that has occurred over the past few months. It’s common to find curled, broken, or even missing shingles throughout your roof. To prevent or fix this, contact your local roofing company. If you’re in Lane County, Oregon Roof Guys are the best of the best. We work with only the best materials, Malarkey shingles, and guarantee our work.

Spring is one of our favorite times of the year, but it’s not without its struggles. If you’re concerned about the state of your roof after this cold winter we’ve had, contact Oregon Roof Guys. From a free estimate to an efficient, full-service job, you’ll be happy with the outcome. We are the #1 roofing contractor in Lane County, and your home deserves the best. So, call today to get ahead of your spring cleaning.